The Intelligent I/O Card from Jürgen Falkenberg Computer Technik was released in 1993. It's a standard QL expansion board, but with the ability to reside at any address in the QL memory map.

Has a high speed A/D (8-bit 2 microseconds) and D/A converter (8-bit 1 microsecond) and 32 digital I/O lines. The onboard EPROM contained a basic toolkit for easy control of the IIO-Card. The board has a 24MHz 8051 co-processor.

Five of the digital I/O lines may be used for special applications: two counter/timers, a serial interface and external co-processor interrupt. It has 32K RAM onboard, which may be seen by the QL as four pages of 8K each in order to download 8051-code programs into the interface.


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