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 + ====== Quickfax ======
 +Quickfax was a fast database program, written by [[qlwiki:Simon Goodwin]] and [[qlwiki:Phil Spink]] and published under the name of Creative Codeworks.
 +Unfortunately, the program was apparently lost when Simon became ill.  Parts of it written by Phil Spink (especially the editor) were included in [[http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/tk/index.html|DIY Toolkit Volume Q]]
 +Title: **Quickfax**\\ 
 +Language: 68000 Machine Code\\ 
 +Author: [[qlwiki:Simon Goodwin]] and [[qlwiki:Phil Spink]]\\ 
 +Publisher: [[qlwiki:Creative Codeworks]]\\ 
 +Year of Publication: Unknown\\ 
 +Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs and emulators\\ 
 +Commercial Status: Unknown\\ 
 +Price in October 1987: Unknown\\ 
 +Reviewed: Unknown\\ 
 +Sources Available from: n/a\\ 
 +Latest Version available from: n/a
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