The Quill User's Reference Manual

The Quill User's Reference Manual by Stephen Morris
The Quill User's Reference Manual is an indepth guide to using the Psion wordprocessor program (Quill) in both its stand-alone version (QL Quill) and as part of the Xchange package.

The principal word processing functions are examined in detail, and there is a large section devoted to printing with Quill. The final section of the book then looks at advanced operations, including merging files, standard letters and using Xchange.

The book is unusually bound, with an outer binder surrounding a ring-bound book.

Title: The Quill User's Reference Manual
Author: Stephen Morris
Publisher: Glentop Publishers Limited
Year of Publication: 1986
Commercial Status: Commercial
Price as at May 1986: £14.95
ISBN: 0-907792-75-8

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