The Working Sinclair QL

The Working Sinclair QL by David Lawrence
The Working Sinclair QL is based around a series of routines and short programs which are modular and can easily be incorporated within your own SuperBASIC programs, from displaying an analogue clock to a program to keep track of your bank account.

A wide range of modules which can be very useful when learning the best way to program the Sinclair QL, with clear explanations of the code used.

Interestingly there is a program which appears at the end of the book (the Checksum Generator) which you can use to check if the example programs you have entered into the QL from the book are correct or if you have made any errors.

Title: The Working Sinclair QL
Author: David Lawrence
Publisher: Sunshine Books
Year of Publication: 1984
Commercial Status: Commercial
Price as at February 1985: £6.85
Reviews: QL User (Feb '85)
ISBN: 0-94640-846-7

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